It all started with our first Gin still name "Geoffrey" manufactured in Kentucky (USA) and designed to make about 83 litres maximum per run. We actually bought Geoffrey before we even had a distillery to put him in back in 2018.

The process we follow and the design of our still is the vapour infusion method vs the traditional pot distilled method. The botanicals are all placed into the column of the still (like a tall basket) and placed over the main kettle. 

We then fill the kettle with filtered Sussex water and our 96% molasses based neutral spirit and the process of vapour infusion begins. 

Why use molasses based neutral spirits and not grain?  Well I have a gluten intolerance and molasses (sugar beets) based neutral spirit is gluten free....I also think it tastes nicer than grain especially when its vapour infused.

Part of the Gin distilling process is knowing when the best parts of the Gin are coming out of the parrot (the part of the still where we measure the alcohol strength and where the Gin comes out, it looks like a parrot).

The heads (the first bit) are set aside. The hearts (the middle bit) are the best part of the distillation and are collected and stored. The last bits are called the tails and are also set aside. 

We run multiple distillations which are all combined in large blending barrels and left to sit for a couple of weeks before bottling. 

We expanded our manufacturing capabilities with new sills from the Netherlands from our friends at iStill. I am a bit of a technology geek so when I heard I could program the robotic still and control them with an app over wifi I was sold.

Our bottle filler was specially ordered from California as we needed accuracy to fill our ceramic bottles, there are only so many bottles you can fill a day with a measuring glass and funnel. 

So what's next for us?  Look out for a major brand update and some larger bottles in the near future, we are continuing our global expansion with the addition of certain markets in the US and Canada.

But for now Mel and the team are busy making a new seasonal Gins and staying on top of demand from our amazing customers!

thank you

Doug Walford - Founder