About Us

So it all began back in 2012 with an unexpected reintroduction to Gin while I was living and working in New York.

Fast forward to 2017 I was now living back in the U.K. after many years overseas  and the dream started to become a reality and our Gin creation story had begun.

We spent most of 2018 creating Gin, for those of you that are interested in making Gin you can only make it in a distillery. But in order to open a distillery you need  licenses from HMRC, and to get licenses you need to have a Gin...... oh what fun!

Thanks to our friends Cosmo and Kate at Devon Distillery we spent many days creating dozens and dozen (nearly 70 types) of different Gins until we had half a dozen perfect recipies. 

We began construction of our own distillery in September 2018 and were able to secure licenses early 2019. 

Our twisted bottles were designed by us to be unique and collectible, manufactured by Wade ceramics in Stoke-on-trent to be eye catching. We have seen customer turn them into lamps, candle sticks, water jugs and garden planters. 

The first two Gins launced in July 2019 and both won awards the same year, the original won a silver medal with a score of 90% with the IWSC. What an honour.  Then the Navy strength won a Gold medal in Hong Kong.  Pretty good for our first two Gins. 

In March/April 2020 we responded to the COVID crisis and were granted a license to manufacture hand rub sanitiser to WHO standards.

In the summer 2020 we released some new Gins which were well received, we are now making the PINK a permanant fixture due to positive feedback and demand. 

We have also been busy expanding into the US, I now find myself back in sunny Florida expanding our Gin markets to the Americas while the distillery crew keep producing our award winning spirits.

We hope you enjoy our amazing Gins and our cool bottles

thank you

Doug Walford - Founder